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California considering creating a state-run bank for cannabis businesses

By The Cannifornian California government, financial and marijuana business leaders met last week in a far-from-resolved debate over whether a state-run bank could be the solution to the cannabis industry’s banking problem. …read more Via: California considering creating a state-run…

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Murder suspect: I was too high to understand Miranda rights

By The Associated Press A Massachusetts murder suspect who wants statements he made to police dismissed as evidence has told a judge that he was too high on drugs to understand his Miranda rights. …read more Via: Murder suspect: I…

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Aphria invests in Scientus to tap Canadian MJ extracts market

By Matt Lamers Aphria is increasing its stake in the booming cannabinoid-based extracts market with an 11.5 million Canadian dollar ($9 million) investment in Scientus Pharma, a vertically integrated biopharmaceutical company. Toronto-based Scientus Pharma conducts research and product development related…

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Several factors led to Hawaii’s flawed medical marijuana launch

By Bart Schaneman By Bart Schaneman When Hawaii’s two operational medical marijuana dispensaries were forced to close just days after opening, a laboratory bottleneck was blamed for a supply disruption. But participants in the fledgling MMJ program said the state’s…

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Canadian execs: What you need to know before taking your cannabis business global

By Matt Lamers By Matt Lamers There’s no denying the massive potential of the global medical marijuana market: A recent report pegged it at 180 billion Canadian dollars ($142 billion) over the next 15 years. But going overseas is fraught…

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