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Purple Dragon

Purple Dragon
2243 Federal BLVD, CO
Denver, CO 80211
The Mystery Weed Shopper visited the Purple Dragon on June 20th, 2014. Parking in the back parking lot and walked to the front, the MWS found a small waiting area with only a 2ft x 2ft glass window and a locked door. Not particularly inviting. There were no other patients waiting and as someone had just left, it appeared no patients were in the dispensary.

Ringing the bell caused the three workers inside to glance up, see a customer was there, and proceed to continue their various tasks. One bud tender stopped what she was doing to do something else, and they returned to her original task. After another minute or so, the Mystery Weed Shopper left.

Since no review could be done, MWS visited the website. There the "available strains" indicated it was not updated since 11.13.2013. Another click on the "Patients Info" page shows several paragraphs beginning with "Lorem ipsum erat, sed diam voluptua..." which would only mean the default text has never been updated. A quick look at their Facebook page shows only 2 posts, one in May and one in June and at the time of this review, 275 followers.

Overall, the Mystery Weed Shopper was disappointed but luckily, 5 minutes down the road, there were other dispensaries to be found.