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Mystery Weed Shopper Services

Secret Shopper Program

Make every customer a repeat customer with an onsite shopper review.

We offer the first (and only) secret shopper service specifically designed for dispensaries and the cannabis industry. We will give you a clear view of your retail operations from the outside in. With experience in dispensary retail operations, we know both the retail and the compliance side of the business. Our employees observe, analyze, and report unbiased, actionable information to help you run your business. Leverage our expertise to deliver the very best customer experience possible.

Our approach starts with a pre-site survey to understand your priorities and sensitize our team to any conditions that are of particular concern. Anonymous visits from a canna-industry professional shopper are conducted with reports delivered confidentially, directly to you. Later, we perform a follow-up visit help insure your fixes have been implemented successfully.

Our secret shopper customers qualify for a “Mystery Weed Shopper Recommended” status on MysteryWeedShopper.com which has greater visibility on the site and on search engines.

Get a website review

Your business may make its first appearance to your customer through their smart phones. Are you getting found? Are you standing out? Are you getting your message across? With our website review and recommendation services, be assured that of optimal SEO (Search Engine Optimization), visibility and usability. Convert interested prospects into paying customers.

Enhance your social media; create a presence

Social media can make you or break you. It is critical to keep an ear on the buzz around your shop. Our internet marketing professionals craft a plan specifically for your message and maximize visibility. And more importantly, we’ll safeguard your brand in the dangerous social media jungle.

MWS has a strong core of marketing professionals, with degrees in New Media and Internet Marketing to help you maximize your digital presence. You’ll look like you spent millions on a 5th avenue agency, without having to deal with a goon in a thousand dollar suit.

Not to drop the ball, we do the heavy lifting of publishing relevant content to keep your site popping up at the right time and place.

Generate some buzz around your brand with marketing support services

Wouldn’t it be great to be the wolf amongst a bunch of marketing sheep? We bring some serious horsepower to augment your marketing function. Whether its brand alignment or messaging, we can help you get the most traction to drive business through your front door.

Features of the Mystery Weed Shopper website

Enhanced Menu Listings (monthly)

A more comprehensive directory listing provides to-the-minute availability and tiered pricing for customers shopping for particular strains. Updates are as simple as sending a text to alert your customers of in-stock or out-of-stock conditions.

Unlike other services, our menu has matrix pricing, allowing you to set prices for medical, medical discounted, retail, and retail discounted for each strain. Our system allows you to add as many weight points as you need (e.g. 1 gram, 3.5 gram, 2 oz., etc…) and set the prices accordingly.

Optionally, our web services group can attach your menu back to your site, allowing one update to control both sites instantaneously, saving you time and money.

Get the top spot and the associated traffic with a featured listing, which is particularly useful for mobile searches. Why swim around with the bottom feeders – bring your business to the top of the list for improved visibility and revenue potential. Travelers to our state jump on the top billings, driving business to your store. Featured listings include the enhanced listing placement to include menus, logo placement and coupon upload to your listing.

Grab some real estate as it becomes available on different pages on Mystery Weed Shopper. From the top banner on the home page to sidebars on directory pages, improve your visibility to your future customers, increase awareness, and increase
your web traffic.

Sponsored Link Ads
(Available monthly, annually)

Drop your image on the MWS home page to drive traffic to your site or to a landing page that tells your story. We can handle the creative, or provide us with your ad and we’ll get the click-throughs clicking.

Deals Page (weekly only)

Get the word out on your specials and promotions using our weekly deals page. Many Mystery Weed Shopper visitors bookmark our deals page for bargain shopping excursions.

Short Code Ad (weekly only)

Customers can send a short code to a specified texting address to get access to coupons, or be linked to specific web promotions. The short code can be used in your advertising plans to offer more access to your customers for specials and promotions. Restrictions apply.

Digital-Marketing Services

Website Development
Your site (1 hour minimum)

From web mechanics to messaging, we have expertise in putting our clients on the map. Your website is always open and accessible from anywhere. It is often the difference between a customer walking in your front door, or the shop down the road. Get the most out of your website with the least effort by leveraging our expertise in website enhancement.

Social media support staff

Need a social media consultant on your staff, but don’t want to spend $150k/year? We offer social media consulting services to help you improve your knowledge and overall effectiveness in this critical dimension. Starting with an assessment and a comprehensive interview to get in synch with your direction, we can build a plan and help you create a powerful social media presence.

Weedmaps/Leafly support
(.25 hour minumum – For Your listing)

Looking to keep your Leafly or Weedmaps menus up to date? We can help. Our web team can make your updates for you.

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